Flower Essences

The essence of a flower gently encourages deep emotional and energetic changes to help transform emotions, attitudes or patterns of behavior which hinder our full development or potential.  A flowers nurturing actions raise our vibrations, while opening the pathway of reception to personal peace and harmony.  

Flower essences are similar to herbal remedies, in which they share the energy of the earth, but they are made only with fresh flowers, the power of the sun, spring water and fruit infused brandy.  They have no scent.

Flower remedies are potent plant preparations that represent the aura of the flower which transfer energy to our spiritual, mental, emotional and physical soul.  Flower essences work to encourage deep healing and are best when incorporated into a holistic healing approach which includes daily exercise, healthy eating, stress reduction, self love and supportive medical care. 

Using essences with intuition...listen + understand.

  • Place a few drops directly under your tongue or dilute in water, morning and night.  For chronic behavior patterns take up to 4x daily for several weeks.

  • Several essences can be combined. Start with one at a time to assess your connection with each.  Gradually add up to 5 for several weeks, reassess and make intuitive changes, as necessary.

  • Suitable for children, elderly and pets.

  • Essences are plant energy and therefore have no interactions with Rx medications, can safely be combined with other natural modalities and are gentle to use during pregnancy, all with the support of your practitioner.