Citrus Amber Vegan Soy Candle

Happiness Candle. Citrus and Amber.

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Natural oils of bright juicy citrus and earthy labdanum, are intentionally blended to spark the joy of the journey within.  Your path to personal happiness begins with a single step, gathering enlightenment, radiance and positivity along the way.  You may also find objects that create memories of your journey, be it a family heirloom, a photo or a note of praise.  Upon final extinguish, clean the vessel and tuck these special items inside.  They will be reminders of the milestones achieved, nurturing you for a lifetime.  This is happiness.



The Journey Collection features straight sided clear glass jars with natural cream linen labels and vintage inspired tin lids. It's casual bohemian vibe is ideal anywhere a soft, intentional glow is desired.  Perhaps a nightstand for cozy bedtime reading, a bathtub for quiet self-care or atop a coffee table to accompany a fresh seasonal bouquet.  This candle also makes a great travel companion, bringing the comforts of home to any destination.

Made in New England, USA with 100% pure soy wax for a clean and even burn, from first light to final extinguish. We use lead-free, natural cotton wicks and an infusion of premium fragrance, plant essences and organic essential oils. All of our hand-poured candles are certified vegan & cruelty-free and phthalate-free.

Diameter: 2.75 in
Height: 3.5 in
Size: 8 oz
Burn time: Up to 60 hours (see candle care for best burning tips)

Other intentions within this collection:  Love. Courage. Inspiration. Friendship. Happiness. Protection. Gratitude.

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