An herb farm in Maine with a dream.

Thank you for arriving here, where our paths meet and a passion for doing something good grows organically.

October Fields Farm is a vegan micro farm that believes in healing through the holistic connection of plants and people. Meaning - rather than looking at a plant as 'what is this good for', we seek to integrate whole plant medicine to regain a balance between the mind, body, spirit, and its environment, to preserve our good health, to promote longevity and to improve our quality of life. Our 'whole-istic' approach to herbalism, is equal parts maintenance and prevention.

By focusing on superior soil health, we are able to produce over 200 rare, unique and hardy, organic medicinal plants on our certified vegan herb farm in Maine...without the use of pesticides, herbicides, chemicals or animal inputs (manure, bone char, feathers, etc...not acceptable here!).  Our veganic farming practices encourage living soils to produce naturally vibrant, healthy and nutrient rich plants that are good for you and good for the earth.  

Holistic gardening feeds our passion to nurture and preserve the vitality of each plant, through a slow and time honored process, while promoting healthier ecosystems and soil regeneration.  Tending to the rhythm of the season is both energetic and spiritual. Our hands are busy, our hearts are full with gratitude and we are forever in awe of what Mother Nature can provide.  We rely greatly on sunny days and gentle rains, producing only what each season is capable of providing.  That is why you may find many of our products in high demand or in limited get it while you can! 

We don't employ big machines or mechanical processes, but rather handle each plant part with care, appreciation and two hands, encouraging a deeper connection to the plant world around us. It takes time, patience and respect to infuse good vibes into our plants....and we love getting our hands dirty!

With intention, we grow, harvest, dry and handcraft every whole plant product, and offer each to you. 




October Fields Farm is a working micro farm. Our farm shop is open seasonally. Please follow us on Facebook for our current farm shop hours. Our full range of herbal offerings is available for purchase on-line, anytime. Orders ship 5 days a week. On-line order pick up is available, Wed - Sat 9am - 5pm (April - November).

Our primary growing/harvesting season runs February to November.  We are closed Sundays - Tuesdays, holidays and select weeks during the year.  Please see our banner at the top of this page for any notifications or updates when placing your order. 



Contact us today for comments or questions. We'd love to hear from you!                

 Real Maine Certified Vegan October Fields