Dried Herbs

Plants are living, breathing organisms that, which during their lifetime, store and release energy, beneficial not only to us, but to the planet. They are vital to the air we breathe, the food we eat and the way we feel. When our fresh, naturally grown herbs have reached their full potential, we gather and dry them for year-round use. Quality dried flowers, leaves, stems and roots should maintain their color, smell and spirit, as they do in nature. 

We are a proud small batch grower of over 75 medicinal and culinary herbs,  specializing in the unique, rare and unusual varieties.  These herbs are first grown for our apothecary products then offered to you in limited quantity, as availability allows.

At October Fields, we grow 100% of these plants naturally, without the use of herbicides, pesticides, chemicals and animal amendments.  Our veganic farming practices begin with certified NON-GMO/Organic seed, that are sown into our own nutrient-rich composted soil, then irrigated with rain water and finally warmed by the sun. By seasons end, our solar powered studio and drying room is bursting with life and color.  It is a simple reward, met with gratitude by our certified herbalist and small family team.  We hope you feel the love in every spoonful.